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Festival of Neighbourhoods, social web implementation for greater engagement of local neighbourhoods in creating safer and healthier communities across Kitchener (2012 - ongoing).

Femmes du monde à Côte-des-Neiges technology planning, website development, social media integration and coaching in adoption of content management systems for site updates - website and facebook page coming soon (2011 - ongoing).

Seniors Center Cote-des-Neiges web site development, social software promotion and training (www.ainecdn.org)(2007- ongoing)

Congrès 2010 of the Cote-des-Neiges Community Development Corporation - collaborative creation of the five year plan and common objectives by the local network of 40 organisations (2010).

Club Ami web site development, graphic design of the logo and coaching in the effective use of content management systems (www.clubami.qc.ca) (2009-2010).

Baobab familial and Club Ami: Passons à l'action, logo development and set up of an accessible web presentation for project developers and users; training and coaching. (www.passonsalaction.org) (2009-2010)

Notre-Dame-de-Grace Community Council web site design support and promotion of content management systems (www.ndg.ca); " Interactive Community Mapping Project" with Google and Geoclip technologies; "Accessible Resources" and usability adaption of the web site for low literacy adults and immigrants; Newsletter lists integration and promotion of local community networks and projects. (2008 - 2012)

Community Development Corporation Cote-des-Neiges
and Intercultural Committee Cote-des-Neiges web site development and training for teams in Content Management System Joomla (www.conseilcdn.qc.ca) (2007- ongoing)

Literature review - How can educational technologies be used in community development in multicultural communities ? (2006)

Theater practitioners forum Opening Paths to Overcoming Racism - Image Work. (2006/2007)

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